Monday, January 25, 2010


Blessings from God--

Okay, so I feel really blessed lately. I know that in my last blog update I mentioned I need to GET AWAY and that hopefully God sends me somewhere special. This summer I am going to Florida for a week with my best friend Ashley.

*I gave 25 dollars yesterday morning at church, that night I recieved 25 dollars back.*

*I am getting closer to family members I haven't met, and ones that I haven't seen in a long time.*

*I am putting a new QUEEN sized bed in my room sometime this week, YAY! Can you say "lazy-snuggle" time for a good while? Yep, that bed is bound to be my baby.* -----So thanks God for all those blessings! :)

This year in 2010 it's all about my Faith, My health/fitness, helping others and making others happy, and getting a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Basically in a nut-shell I am getting my life TOGETHER piece by piece. I'm completely OVER my old life. Worldly things do not even consume me like they used to.

<----That is the book I just ordered!
i'm super excited.... I'm skinny, but I want to be super toned and muscular. So here I go! God Bless everybody.

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