Monday, February 15, 2010


I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day!! Mine was simple... But I liked it that way. Of course I was SOLO this year -- but that was perfectly okay with me. God is going to send me someone very special to spend the rest of my Valentine Days' with! He will spoil me & I will spoil him!

**** This is what I got by the way ;-)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Blessings from God--

Okay, so I feel really blessed lately. I know that in my last blog update I mentioned I need to GET AWAY and that hopefully God sends me somewhere special. This summer I am going to Florida for a week with my best friend Ashley.

*I gave 25 dollars yesterday morning at church, that night I recieved 25 dollars back.*

*I am getting closer to family members I haven't met, and ones that I haven't seen in a long time.*

*I am putting a new QUEEN sized bed in my room sometime this week, YAY! Can you say "lazy-snuggle" time for a good while? Yep, that bed is bound to be my baby.* -----So thanks God for all those blessings! :)

This year in 2010 it's all about my Faith, My health/fitness, helping others and making others happy, and getting a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Basically in a nut-shell I am getting my life TOGETHER piece by piece. I'm completely OVER my old life. Worldly things do not even consume me like they used to.

<----That is the book I just ordered!
i'm super excited.... I'm skinny, but I want to be super toned and muscular. So here I go! God Bless everybody.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marry me - Train

Church was great today. God was definately in that room today. I felt it, and I know that everybody else did as well. I love>
These lyrics have been stuck in my head:
Marry Me by Train
Forever can never be long enough for me
Feel like i've had long enough with you
Forget the world now we won't let them see
But there's one thing left to do
Now that the weight has lifted
Love has surely shifted my way
Marry me
Today and every day
Marry me
If I ever get the nerve to say
hello in this cafe
Say you will
Say you will
You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you
and you're beautiful
Now that the wait is over
And love has finally shown her my way
Marry me
Today and every day
Say you will
Promise me
you'll always be happy by my side
I promise to sing to you
When all the music dies
Say you will

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Take me away

I need to get away for a while... I miss the beach^^^ and I think whenever you're in the most beautiful places, you get closer with God. Reason being because you see how beautiful it is, and see that GOD created it. It builds my faith with him, it strengthens my beliefs, and makes me realize how great of a God he truely is. I'd love to live by a beach! *sigh*

I hope this summer that I get to visit the Holy Land in Orlando, FL. It'd be a nice get-away for sure! I don't really hate Kentucky... it's nice at times. I was born & raised here, it's my home. But I'm a warm weather/beach kind of girl. The only time I like cold weather is around Christmas time.

So maybe God will send me somewhere special soon! Hopefully! :)